Things are really looking up for me this month

All right. Found myself on some celebrity sites, which is awesome, and I have to say in all honesty, things couldn't be better. The recent one was m52, an Asian site. I was like WTF?!

Been getting popular with the albums again. I really can't believe that this is such a positive experience, as well as the self publishing class I am taking, and I am enjoying it.

I can't believe me life got so much better after leaving facebook and twitter, and writing on some other places. Almost unbelievable, once you do certain things, and move on, how much things improve. Just glad I am not, I repeat NOT in Los Angeles, after all, you can't spell "lame" without the first two letters "L.A." (ALWAYS remember that.)

Saw that my album on I-tunes is getting on sale. If you want to hear it, here is the address: Enjoy. Another one is going to be recorded in April 29. I am so looking forward to it. Have a great one, loyal viewers and fans. (I know, I don't have a fanbase, but I know others will find it, and hopefully view it. Maybe through the links that will show on the web, they will become fans. Who knows.) Rock on.


Posted at: 04/16/2016 12:08

Tags: new month, stories, victor greywolf