Hello Fellow Actors

The industry of entertainment has always been a top interest for me throughout my life. We All have one thing in common for sure and it is that we love to get discovered and we love to express ourselves in our works. I;'ve recently been involved in several theatre productions and  I've been featured in a lifetime film. That was all some fun. Right Now  I'm getting myself together to began taking proffessional Acting classes to really get feel of it all. Well here's where I'm trying to get at: It would very awsome If the opportunity is given that I work with other Actors out there just like me who want to collaborate with other actors to create original and unique sketches that can certaintly expand our fan bases more. Lets go guys! Lets do this. let me know how you're doing if you're skilled and just want a way to get yourself out and create a unique work. You can join my team and together we'll create a unique set of performances that share with the world our talents. Especially if you are new and undiscovered You have an opportunity here. 

I can be contacted at: espiritodomingo@gmail.com

Posted at: 09/20/2013 18:45

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