Open theatre auditions: Ben Hur (Brixham, Devon)

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We are casting all roles in a regionally touring, plus globally streamed production of Ben Hur
Auditions for all roles on
Sunday August 29th 2021, at 1pm onwards
at our home rehearsal base of
Chestnut Community Centre, 1-3 Poplar Close, Brixham TQ5 0SA
(this is as long as Covid restrictons allow. If they do not, we will be conducting alternative auditions online using Zoom)
* Actors must be based in/ near Devon, UK.
(Rehearsals - as long as Covid allows - are in Brixham, Devon),
* All roles open for casting.
* Paid profitshare as minimum (funding for higher cast/crew payments actively being sought) plus portfolio material.
* Many roles being cast \"genderblind\".
* All ethnicities needed and welcomed.
*We do not charge you anything to audition or work with us.
Download the full audition information pack from
Based on the famous novel by Lew Wallace, and brought to life by strong, memorable characters, both male and female, Ben Hur is set in the first century AD. Judah Ben Hur, a young nobleman of Jerusalem, a city under the occupation of the Roman Empire, is framed for the attempted murder of the Roman governor, by his erstwhile closest boyhood friend, Massala, now a Roman commander. Sentenced to life as a galley slave; a sentence which usually led to death within months, Judah survives, and after a pirate attack on the Roman navy in the Agean sea, travels to Rome a hero, having saved the life of the Roman commander in his escape. He once more returns to Jerusalem, seeking his mother and sister, who were imprisoned for the same attack, and finds no trace of them. He does however, find Massala, and blinded by rage, challenges Massala at the annual Roman “games”. Massala is killed in the Games, with his dying breath, reveals to Judah that his mother and sister were in fact released and driven from the city as lepers. With all hope, and all lust for revenge, gone, Judah is lost, but fate is not finished with him. He eventually finds his mother and sister, who are miraculously healed by a preacher, who has recently come to the city.
A historical action drama set in Biblical times, interwoven with the life and death of Jesus Christ, who appears twice in the drama, this is ultimately a powerful tale of hope and love, set within the dramatic and often brutal times of the Roman Empire.

We are a female-led theatre company based in the beautiful fishing port of Brixham, in Southwest England, to create top quality local opportunities for local creatives to create work in theatre, and to bring new productions to audiences across the South of England. Founded in 2005.
Creating internationally awardwinning theatre based on historical events (including new writing) and stage adaptations of classical literature.
Breaking down barriers to participating in theatre for actors, crew, and audiences alike.
We love to hear from new prospective actors, creatives and audiences at any time, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, or experience.


Casting all roles
(16-80 Any Gender United Kingdom)

Actors Wanted: Casting call for OPEN THEATRE AUDITIONS: BEN HUR (BRIXHAM, DEVON). Auditions For OPEN THEATRE AUDITIONS: BEN HUR (BRIXHAM, DEVON). Casting Director Laura J posted a casting call in Brixham