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We are the world's biggest entertainment community. The site runs by directors, producers, writers and actors. Our goal is to help talent obtain work and in doing so, give them the upper hand in the process.

Among us, we've faced it all; rejection, success, being a non-union or union performer, having a good or bad agent, paying for tools and services that have helped and sometimes hindered us. But throughout our careers we've never had someone who protected us the way we needed. Until now that is. At Talent Pages we have no interest in the politics involved other guilds, such as SAG and AFTRA.

For the first time, you can count on a group of people who are here for you 100 percent. Why? Simply because we really care. Currently, there are too many individuals that operate online businesses whose sole purpose is to make a profit off the back of a hard-working actor. We say no more! Please, join us. We invite you to assist us in executing our goal.


Talent Pages is not another acting site that list some jobs for actors. We are not competing with any acting site. We offer a full all-around entertainment solutions and we are the only user built Actors Database site on the planet. By registering with us, all performers- union, non-union, youth, adults, represented, or non-represented- can have equal opportunity to find work and make connections. We provide a way for casting directors and directors to contact the talent directly.

We use a top of the line search engine that makes it easy for industry professionals find you. With our search engine, casting directors and directors can search for you by your name, credits, agent or manager. Even in extreme cases, where a casting director may not know any of the above, he/she may search for you by providing just basic information such as hair style or eye color.

We are the only directory for talent, providing a full free database for the performing arts. We have four types of search engines- talent search, auditions search, sides search and title search.