What are Acting Headshots ?

Headshots - An 8 x 10 sized photo of an actor's face. Used in order to submit the actor to a specific role. Up until not so long ago the proper photo was in black and white. Today the photo can be a color one, and in some cases shows more than the actor's face. Some headshots shows 3/4 body shots, and there are some that show full body shots. But study shows that for best results, the clearer the face and the eyes are, you are more likely to be called to an audition.

Acting Headshots Tips !

Casting Director Diane Heery - Heery Casting Philadelphia

The headshot should LOOK LIKE YOU!  It sounds simple, but too many shots come in that are "glamourized" or are 10 years old. Even if people say that your shot still looks good, if it's 5 years old- it's time for new pictures. 3/4, landscape or   "head" shot are all good; this allows a little freedom for the actor's own "creativity" with their shot. If it's a little too artsy, it will detract from you and draw our attention to the "Art" of the shot. Color pictures seem to becoming the new trend - the ones that I've seen are very striking. Getting in for an audition depends more on your TALENT than your picture. The picture is just your introduction to casting directors and agents. Sometimes, but not often, an actor may be booked without auditioning, but that would only happen if we could guarantee that the actor in the picture is the actor that will show up for the booking! Most times, only extras are booked from headshots.

Casting Director John Strawbridge - Pat Moran & Associates Baltimore

There's no question that the most important thing about a headshot is that it look like you. You want to be sure you're called in for roles you're appropriate for, and not for roles you have no chance of getting. That's not something I "look for" - if I don't know you I can't judge that. If I do know you, then a headshot is really just a reminder, and the quality and style are much less important.

What I do look for in a headshot is a sense of who the actor is. I call a  headshot the 1/125th of a second Audition. I look at the eyes. Do they project  personality, confidence, intelligence? Or do they say "Hurry up and take the picture!" I tend to prefer the 3/4 shots, since they give me a better sense of who the person is and what they look like. But, obviously, most of my work is with standard  headshots, and that's fine. I don't care for color shots. They never look quite true.  "Artsy" shots are fine... as long as I can still see what you look like, and that artsy is the personality you want to market.