What is IMDB?

IMDB is short for Internet Movie Database and it is owned by Amazon. The site delivers information about actors, TV shows and movies. It's a good site to get listed in order to push your acting career. IMDB is a trusted resource in the industry

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Do We Recommend IMDB

Imdb is a must have for actors and filmmakers in today's market. If you are not on IMDB a lot of casting directors, agents and producers will not take you seriously.

Unfortunately it is one of the hardest things to do as an actor since IMDB makes it very hard to list Shows and movies that were not in festivals or on the big screen.

Even though they now have IMDB resume it is still not the real thing as most professionals won't look at the resume section at all.

We believe this is not a fair game. What if you performed in a movie that wasn't accepted to festivals, or you were in a TV pilot that wasn't picked up? These are just a few of the many reasons we have created a website that allows actors to get listed even if they just were in a student film, or a commercial, and even a stage play.

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