Movie Acting Auditions

Some information about Movie Acting Auditions

Movie Acting Auditions are tryouts for movies. You need to show your talent in the most convincing way, letting the casting director know that he can trust that role in your hands.

Becoming great at auditioning takes practice and experience. Auditions are very different from acting. It's almost like as second skill, and has different rules. 

For many actors, auditions are a terrifying process, but the more you'll audition, the less terrifying it will be.

There are also many classes that teaches audition techniques and some can help you get the job.

Always make sure you have 2 or 3 monologues prepared (At least one comedic, one dramatic). You never know what the casting director is looking for, and many times he / she will ask you if you have a monologue ready.

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The Audition Process

If it's your first time auditioning, here are a few things you should know before you go.

Expect to wait. Depending on the number of people auditioning it could take anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours. During this time, try to stay focused on your Audition Sides or Monologue.

Sometimes there will be no sides given before and you will need to do a Cold Reading. Even if they are sides given before, the casting director might ask you to read for another role that he / she may think you suit more for. In most cases you'll have just a few minutes to go over the Sides.

How to Master the Audition Process

  • Take a Cold Reading workshop. These classes are targeted to teach you how to adapt quickly to any changes and still remain confident and competent as an actor. 
  • Many times you will read for a casting director, but you will be recorded on video as well. It is very important that once the audition started (after slating your name to the camera), you will look only at the person you're reading with. Don't look at the camera during the audition. Just like actors don't stare at the camera during the film. If you do, it will break the film illusion, and will break your character.
  • Come as the character. Let the Casting Director see you as the character before you started the reading. Don't break your character even after you left the room.
  • Speech / Voice / Accent Reduction classes: If you have an accent, you may want to consider some speech coaching to gain an American. It is also important to be able to do other accents.
  • Take some singing / dancing lessons. You never know when they will come handy.

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