Open Auditions

What are Open Auditions?

Open Auditions are a form of invitations to attend a casting interview conducted by a director or a casting director. Not like scheduled Acting Auditions, an open call will usually have no screening before, such as: headshot , resume , or demo reel submissions.

Open Audition Calls most likely have a lot of more actors attending. It's first come first served kinda of thing.

Many professional actors don't like open auditions as much as schedule auditions for many reasons. The wait time is usually much longer, the crowed is usually an amateur one.

There are however many professional productions that use open auditions calls because they have to go into production very quick. Those productions are usually theatre shows and musicals like Broadway productions.

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Open Audition Tips!

  • Show up Early - Try to get there as early as you can. Casting directors are usually fresh in the early stage, and get very anxious in the mid to late stages.
  • While you Wait - Relax, allow yourself to loosen up and prepare.
  • Don't be loud -Try to keep it down while waiting for your turn to audition. Others are trying to focus on their audition and so should you. You don't want to be remembered as anything but a good performer.
  • Come prepared - Production offices are always short on pens, sides and so on. Bring your own.


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