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A few days in and I am already working as a lead in a feature film. Thank you very very very much Talent Pages You rock! Jessica

08/27/2014 09:33

After being a member here for just 2 weeks, I got a call for an audition. All I can say that Talent Pages does have connections in the industry and it is an investment that is well worth it. Julie

08/27/2014 09:26

Been a member for three weeks now and it proved to me that your site is visited by the industry. I got my first audition last week. This site is the best investment I ever did... Mich Otake

08/27/2014 09:13

I've been acting for such a long time, and this site has gotten me more auditions in one month than my agent has in a year. Kyla

08/27/2014 09:08

I had my first audition last weekend and I have only had this account for less than a month. I suggest to any new actor to set up an account. Its a cheap price for the jobs you get!! Richard

08/27/2014 08:30

I Am So Excited! Thanks To Actors/TalentPages, I Have Found The Right Audition Just For Me! Wish Me Luck When I Try Out For The Role!

11/25/2012 19:39

I must thank the Actors Pages for giving me the opportunity for my first feature film role. It just would not have happened without their services. A wonderful film it will be, "To Pull A Stunt". Many thanks, William Flynn

01/09/2012 19:22

I was just selected for a lead role in a feature length indie film. That would not have happened without ActorsPages. The user interface, the networking tools, and the opportunities make ActorsPagrs an outstanding site.

01/09/2012 19:19


01/09/2012 19:17

I've landed jobs on here before but I just landed my most exciting job yet! I got the lead role in a 48 hour short film competition. I've never done a short film competition before and this is my chance to show that I can do great work in such a short amount of time. And I only have a free membership. Actorspages.org really works. Thank you.

04/11/2011 23:19

Nothing fancy, just a good old fashioned service that delivers results. Getting started is easy, and it gives great exposure in online media. You can choose a to have a free account, or a very affordable paid one. Highly recommended. J

02/07/2011 09:53

Hi Guys, I GOT A GIG ! THANK-YOU ! Aleksandr

12/30/2009 17:00

Dear Actors Pages, I've wanted to be a actress for a long time. And this site has gotten me more call backs then my agent has. Felisha

11/29/2009 12:53

Hi, I just want to thank you for not over-charging artists to be on and use your site. It's so refreshing because there are too many sites out there that -- in my opinion -- try to take advantage of (the starving) artists through charging high prices. There are too many people who are lured by the dream and get "suckered" into paying those high prices for a chance at "stardom." As a long-time model, I was taught many years ago in high school that an agent never charges their client. That is how it should be. With many of these sites, they take a price and that's all they do; nothing comes out of it. But your site is real and gets real results. I hope more people use it. Please keep up the great work. We are here to support you! Kaira

03/18/2009 02:56

If you want to get into this business for the enjoyment of Entertaining the World like me. This is the site to be a part of. The opportunities are endless here. My first project I landed through this site was "On Time". I not only landed a supporting lead role in this film, but I also became part of the project behind the scenes as well. The second one, I traveled 11 hours because of my belief in the project and story line. "ReVamp" a film I landed yet another supporting lead role. The director enjoyed my audition so much that my profile did not fit any role. My auditioning landed them. Which he then rewrote the script and wrote a supporting lead role around me and the story. An Unbelievable movie that will make it to the big time with a great cast and an AMAZING Director/Writer. God Bless to all and I'll see you in the Movies. Giovanni

01/21/2009 11:36

Dear Actors Pages, I have been meaning to write for a while now, but I have been kept so busy, with this pilot season. Honestly at first I thought you're just another site that takes money from actors. But, I'm with you for over five months now, and you still haven't charged me a dime. Up until a week ago, I was still skeptical while submitting my profile for dozens of casting calls and not receiving even an audition. It has been hard, but last week I received my first audition and booked a lead role through this site. I am signed up with several other sites, but Actors Pages is the one I will suggest to all of my friends . You tools allow actors to send out resumes and headshots via email is also fantastic. The format is so complimentary and it looks so professional. As a female in this industry, there are a lot of creeps out there. The one time I had a run in with a "casting director" of this type that had posted a notice on this site, I notified your Support team and they not only answered me immediately, but took measures to make sure I was ok and removed the harmful post at once. Thank you, I will never forget that. I plan to stay with you for a while. congratulations on all your successes and thank you for your part in mine. And yes, I'm as well am astonished that there is no charge for this great service. Sincerely, Sarah Ripard

01/21/2009 07:53

Dear Actors Pages, I discovered your website earlier this year. I put some pictures and resume at your site. Two months later I received a call from a foreign producer of an independent film who saw my profile on your site! We met, and I got the lead in his new film! This site is the best investment I ever did :) It proved to me that your site is visited by the industry. And I'm still amazed that it is totally FREE. Many thanks, Ossie Beck

01/21/2009 07:51

Dear Actors Pages, I must say that this site is AWESOME!! I booked my first job through this site within two days. A lead role in a full length feature. I'm registered in many sites, including 'Actors Access', 'Backstage' & 'LAcasting.com', but your site is the only site that is FREE and the only one I got a job from. You can't find better results than this anywhere else on the Web! Guaranteed!!! Thanks, Sam Feuer

01/20/2009 14:41