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Music Video

Workning on a Music Video today with a poplular Youtube artist.  Details later...

Posted at: 06/26/2014 06:21

Doing a Documentary

I will be playing a Vietnam Prisoner of War in a film shooting in July.

Posted at: 06/22/2014 13:42

Doesn't figure

So, Meg Ryan is shooting a film in the area and doesn't it figure they are looking for featured locals. Do I look like I could pass for 14? How about 50? 

Posted at: 06/21/2014 18:57

Hispanic, huh...?

So, my manager is on phone with one of the casting agencies and the girl on the other end looks at my picture and says in a latina accent, " Oh, my, he's Hispanic and Hot!"  MY manger laughs and...

Posted at: 06/18/2014 17:21

Not a bad week

Ended up shooting a web-commercial for "Eat more Chicken" crowd and Graduated.  I am now out in the real world....Watch out!

Posted at: 06/13/2014 13:23

A Long Day

Drove 2 hours up to an audition; 15 minutes at audition, 3 hour drive back. Rushed to school for final show case of "Patriot Playhouse"  had dinner with my family and now putting together my AP ...

Posted at: 06/04/2014 20:10

Words of Wisdom, Winery and Weird Make up

Did my photo shoot/interview for the magazine article in August at winery, offered my words of "wisdom" to the kids that want to get started in this biz, and just for fun did an extra shoot with we...

Posted at: 05/31/2014 14:21

Getting my face all over the place

My agent has me on: http://www.actorsaccess.com/actor/preview/actor_details.cfm?tab=profile 

Posted at: 05/19/2014 06:41

Things picking up again

I already have 4 auditions set up for June, just auditioned for a web series to shoot in July & a pilot for an 8 week series to shoot in late July/ August and the magazine shoot. 

Posted at: 05/16/2014 21:17

Ended as expected

Romeo and Juliet seem to be doomed to die over and over again.  Just once wouldn't you think it would end differently?

Posted at: 05/06/2014 17:45

This should be Fun

Just found out I'm doing a local magazine interview next month.  Something to do with teen talent in the area, management set it up. I'll keep you posted on the out come. Wish me luck!

Posted at: 05/05/2014 15:40

Meet and Greet

I met with my agent for the first time yesterday face to face. I've been working through her staff. Yeah, I was a little nervous. She didn't fire me on the spot so that's good.  Looking forward ...

Posted at: 04/13/2014 08:33

Tags: Sylvia Hutson (Hutson Talent Agency)

'Citing Some Shakespeare

Got roped into doing Romeo and Juliet by my theater teacher. That's what I get for skipping out on Willy Wonka audition! 

Posted at: 04/04/2014 12:30

Cars and Camera

Taken up my Photography Hobby again. Spent the weekend hitting car shows. Relaxed and  Ready for some work!

Posted at: 03/31/2014 15:37

Cha Ching!

Shooting a commercial next week.  Thought it would be a down time week but not complaining.

Posted at: 03/27/2014 11:41

Into the Mind's Eye is now in the Can

SciFi is finished. Pictures on FaceBook if you're interested. Check out the "Charlene's Angels" pose team Red Shirt did. (yes, we all died) 


Posted at: 03/27/2014 11:38

Started shooting a SciFi

Filmed all day yesterday. Set plagued with bad luck. Cameras not working right, location not what was expected. Some of the talent was late.  Did get some scenes knocked out but will be shooting...

Posted at: 03/22/2014 09:24


Wrapped up the shooting at about 1a.m.  Now just have to wait and see how much gets cut!


Posted at: 03/15/2014 09:38

Wind, Rain, Demons and Ghirls

Shot a couple scenes at the "haunted farm house" last night. Sat around talking with the Demon most of the wait. Turns out I might be more afraid of Tech 1!  What a flirt! Just joking we all had...

Posted at: 03/13/2014 12:25


Filming a scary night time shoot this week in a haunted farm house.  Not going into the basement!

Posted at: 03/09/2014 13:54