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Not Sure Who Wrote It But It Works For Me!

Got this on FB from Shelby Martin via Christine (just incase SM needs the credit):

Life is Like a Camera...

Focus on What's Important,

Capture the Good Times,

Develop From The Negat...

Posted at: 03/07/2014 21:00

Working Again Next Week!

Tried out for a part last minute and ended up getting it! Loving life!

Posted at: 03/07/2014 12:52

Yeah, I bought it

So, I finished the shoot. Went and bought a car to convert into a track racer. Price was right and I was in the area. Now, I have something productive to do in my down time.

Posted at: 03/06/2014 10:00

I'm In one of those moods


Maybe I should apologize in advance...? 

Posted at: 03/05/2014 15:58

Feeling Good

Spent most of past week catching up on sleep. Got call from agent booked for 3 days this week. Ready for it!

Posted at: 02/28/2014 08:32


I got the part I really wanted!

Posted at: 02/24/2014 19:08

Biological Dad to a Daughter years older than himself... now that's acting.

Feeling much better about the 2 auditions I went on today. May not get the parts but not because I didn't do what I needed.

One even asked me to try and pull off being the father of a 20 year o...

Posted at: 02/23/2014 18:01

Too Late for a Run

I went to an audition. I think I blew it.  Didn't have my head in the game. Bugged me all the next day. Finally had some free time. Was going to go to Gym. Not open. Thought about going jogging....

Posted at: 02/22/2014 06:54

Ouch that hurt!

OK, so they cut me and a few others' roles from the episode I was supposed to do this week. No big, got 2 auditions  tommorrow and a commercial next week. And looking into some things for April ...

Posted at: 02/18/2014 15:17

Great Day

The group yesterday was awesome. Very professional. Things went so smoothly that we actually got done early. Got up-graded from no lines to saying 3 lines. Also got another gig for late March out o...

Posted at: 02/17/2014 06:25

Gonna spend 10 hours in Church today

I'm heading out a 2 for an 8 hour shoot in an historic church around the area. I'll probably post some pix on FB.

I haven't heard from anyone recently. Hope that means you are all busy. Hayden ...

Posted at: 02/16/2014 06:34

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Learn something new every chance you get

Spent the day up in Philley, PA yesterday. got to see how motion capture really works. Up close and personal.

Posted at: 02/13/2014 07:44


Got something going every weekend for the rest of month. March is filling up fast. Even have a few things happening in May already.

Don't sit still, be proactive, go for what you want!


Posted at: 02/08/2014 08:00

trying this to see if it works

https://www.facebook.com/tcard81196  I'm trying to link up everything. I'm on so many sites I'm loosing track!  Maybe I'll get my brother to create a central hub site. Yeah, he's the brains a...

Posted at: 02/07/2014 11:17


Signed on with the top agency in the area yesterday! Going to the social paid off. 

Posted at: 02/07/2014 05:00

Awesome Time

The VPA event was great! Met a lot of amazing people. Found out tons of information about future productions.

Posted at: 02/06/2014 15:00

Even If you think they aren't paying attention they are!

I went to school play auditions, left early because of Acting Class. Get to school today and Teacher tells me instead of being in Willy Wonka she has me listed to do Romeo and Juliet, because she n...

Posted at: 02/05/2014 11:24

Just in Time

Snow has melted just in time for the State of the Industry Social here on Wednesday. Going via my acting class they didn't have room at their table. So, sitting at table with casting companies and ...

Posted at: 02/02/2014 08:33

Looking ahead

Looks like I'll be doing some local work during Febuary and March.   An action/drama, historical and a documentary. 


Posted at: 01/28/2014 20:17

Heading to NC

Going to North Carolina for as an extra in a movie. It's an action scene. Should be fun. 


Posted at: 01/22/2014 09:54