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After 21 days of filming in the beautiful Dunkirk, NY on the shoreline of Lake Erie, the feature film Lighthouse Unmanned goes into post production. It's been a pleasure getting to know and collaborate with such a talented, motivated, and generous cast and crew. As things slow down ever so slightly in leu of the Holiday Seasons, I'm finding myself both thankful for the opportunities that have allowed me to travel these past four months and the experiences they've provided to both re-connect with old friends, connect with new ones, and to work in the craft I am fortunate enough to call my profession. I'll be continuing on my re-writes for the feature I'm writing (set to begin filming in Summer/Fall of 2017), but in the meantime, I'm already on the hunt for the next collaboration that gives me cause to travel and opportunity to grow as an actor. IMDb - Fb - @ACTORCSM Insta - @ACTORCSM Vimeo - Clayton Stocker Myers (Actor)

Posted at: 11/05/2016 11:35

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<p> Hi guys!</p> <p> So right I just wanted to talk a little bit about an experience I've had. So for those who have read my other blog on here you know I found my passion again. Someone though had seen me a while ago and remembered I loved to act. It's been a while because I had initially forgot about the person to be honest. But honestly who actually remebers everyone they meet? Anyway before I steer of topic, he contacted me recently offering to help further my career. Charles Williams of artsnfilm had a website, well its so hard to remember (hahaha) The site is for the sole purpose of connecting to others in the field especially those who are just starting out. It has everything from graphic designers, to actors and actresses, directors, and make up artists. I not only keep twice as much updated on there but I get a chance to connect talk, learn and help take part in other projects. As a film student also I have the opportunity to bring skills I've learned to helping and giving advise to others. I have even helped as a script advisor with another person and he was helping with my short film. Which I couldn't move on past the rough draft due to technical issues.</p> <p> Let me get back on topic I would ask that those who actually read my blogs to go join and start building up an even larger network. Well because this business often is more of who you know rather than where you are at the time. I hope you guys will at least take the time to check out the site, and hopefully join. The creators of the site are on there constantly posting different place for casting and availablities. If you are starting out and interested in doing more than just acting they provide internships, jobs, and other ways of getting into the business.</p> <p> Thank you!</p> <p> HB</p>

Posted at: 01/15/2014 01:19

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