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<p> Review Author: Farruh Yusupov.  <br />          In reality we are live in time of delirium of some people which float out in films, music video, book and other arts and its pity that`s forms our society teaching us penetrating our memories calling it subconscious. Rush for wealth and success despite of principle, God rules makes from good men criminals and sex as animals. I don`t want to list our favorite representative of show business who were killed by their activity, drugs and sex. By the way sex killed David Carradine literally not figuratively.   </p> <p>            I was very happy to know that some normal people live in our time and films.</p> <p>            The film begins with scene where “Guy” Glen Hansard works as street musician living for monies from passer men. By the way plausibility of the film proves the absence of names of the film characters. The film “Once” was shot in 2006 where in Republic Of Ireland the financial and economic crisis began appeared effects. Reality (credence to film) of film begins demonstrating from the first scenes where “Guy” understands suspicious guy who rambles near him looking to his earnings in the case of his musical instrument. Passer men donates to “Guy” often cents but not euros. Sympathy to “Guy” appears when he after catching thief when he says that`s money for live and he gifts 5 euro to his hooker. Small amount of donations (cents) during the film makes it very dramatical. Sometimes seemingly insignificant details as in sentimentalism become important with high sense value. I think many people know the lack of money. When during the month i researched internet casinos finding its script i had worked sometimes for tens of USD because of script limitation of win of the all gambling software.</p> <p>        Insensibly to playing musician approached “Girl” (Markéta Irglová). You know it happens when something attracts people`s attention without any purpose. During conversation “Girl” supported to saying “Guy” that she listens him. During conversation “Girl” donates money and after sometime proposes to poor musician buy a magazine. That’s demonstrates “Girl`s” kindness. Thus it’s difficult to poor man to make donation than to rich.         </p> <p>      After several meetings they find themselves soul mates and swore friends. Though underdressed girls are less interest me and many other men but “Girl`s” nature and her being decent girl showed her giving money to “Guy`s” father after repairing vacuum cleaner and his denying of payment. Even more “Girl”s decency convincingly proves her rejection of coitus with “Guy”. That`s rejection shows her sincerity of friendship feelings.</p> <p>        After sometime it becomes evident the cause of “Girl`s” friendship relation which didn`t turn to love. “Girl” has a family.  </p> <p>        Meeting with “Girl” for “Guy” was changing life. “Girl” stimulated “Guy” to record musical album and leave for London from Dublin.</p> <p>        The film “Once” ends with the final episode where “Girl” with her husband who lovingly to her and their child. In the end “Girl`s” sight uncomprehendingly looks throw opened windows. Uncomprehending of relations and events are frequently accompanies men. Therefore it makes more realistic this film. Also realism of movie proved by foreign language of “Girl`s” mother, main characters passport age which is appropriate to their characters and being of unprofessional actors who are chiefly don`t know how to play and imitate needed senses, gesticulation and mimicry.</p> <p> “Talent Pages” is 1 of the best web recourses for show business representatives but it’s like a worldwide stock of show business projects. I think if it develop to ibusinesscenter where could be directories (contact information, crew, equipment and etcetera) for film companies, musical studios, tv companies and others it will get more success.</p> <p>      Directly i`ve got casting from Erica Arvold and some other talent agency ( for commercial and films of local (Virginia) producers. Many other american talent agents and directors asked to real participation then virtual to contract. So there`s some problems with appropriate visa category without contract and petition and i don`t know about necessity of my american show business carrier.     </p> <p>     I think it`s better for me to shot own short films (own view (thoughts) and own pace in mankind) than to play in local projects.               </p> <p>      In the end i want to thanfull all my followers, audition which i consider not as fans but as friends.       </p> <p>    </p>

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<p> Auditions soon! Can't wait! I'm auditioning for Mama since she's the only alto! Wish me luck! It'll be at KISS Theatre, and I never got a part there, just minor/ensemble so wish me luck!</p>

Posted at: 02/20/2012 14:46

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