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<p> Right now i am searching long and hard for a  role that fits me. trust me i have found alot, but the problem is that they are not in my state or within a 80 miles. my parents only think i can go if i get paid so its reallly hard to find a paying job when just starting, so i am really happy though that i have found this website so i can be able to show what i have done and my resume.! so if your in a similiarr situation, try to make an agreement with your parents like have them read all the info on the project and make sure nothing wrong is goin on. It might be easier to apply for an agent so your parents won't have to deal with most of it. Try to check out agencies in your local areas and find small projects. near you that you're comfortable with. Please comment and correct me if i'm wrong or ask questions and contact me.But im still a teen but know alot about acting and others.</p> <p> THanks for reading</p>

Posted at: 09/20/2012 19:01

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