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Hi everyone, I am am new to the modeling field. Although, I have been on stage before singing as well as acting in school drama. I have always enjoy standing in front of the camera taking pictures. I am currently looking for casting and calls opportunities to attend here in Oklahoma or in Broken arrow Oklahoma. I am interested in parts modeling, commercial and lifestyle modeling. I am hoping to find that opportunity here. Please anyone who live within the area and want photoshoot, Let me know. I am excited and looking forward to build my portfolio and to model.

Posted at: 02/28/2022 23:01

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<p> I started my life as an Extra. I studied ancient arts in culture and studied civilisations of lifestyle and how movement of dance helps the art or performance in general. I spent countless  hrs  of studying dance and movement, the fundamental basic to acting. A performer has to appear natural  to his craft. As well on screen which gives screen presence and a natural  gift not only for acting, but to learn the movement of ballet , tribal dance and soul. The African people have rhythm and often natural warm people, who have a heart of Gold, to learn their culture and other cultures, is a learning stick, the Chinese theatre is where martial arts legend Bruce lee started his training, his movement is refined, and the actor has to be refined when approaching scripts as well at auditions,a performer has to learn to be well mannered of his craft. and nurture it like the ancient Chinese. Monks.and be genuinely honest when  auditing for a role </p>

Posted at: 04/20/2015 02:00

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