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<p> Publication Author: Farruh Yusupov.</p> <p>             In the current post i`ve being aimed to observe the modern situation in cinematography and show business.  </p> <p>             When i remember the profiles of school time which we filled sharing our interests, favorites and other information i always remember 1 replies of my school mate. For the question: “Your dream”, my school mate answered: “to be popular”.               </p> <p> My foreword, namely school time occupation can be strange antique for youth who instead diaries and notebook profiles have electron notebooks with social networks. So not only life changes always but is way of making show business too.       </p> <p> In the beginning of mankind talented (clever) people in arts, chiefly in painting, writing, telling stories featured their arts in stones, tales, orally traditions and etcetera. In the middle ages after having opportunity, precisely permit from catholic church to have, share, taught knowledge and in consequence research it orally and throw developing book publishing people become more clever and skillful. Also mankind after becoming clever learned not only to express his thoughts and fantasies modeling throw writing, painting or telling but acting in theatres. Thus talented people have always lived in the world.</p> <p> But achievements of every talent are different. Regardless of being your art, product or service the best 1 if it doesn`t know others they doesn`t try to have yours. For achieve more results it need to more advertise oneself for having more customers. That`s popularity.     </p> <p> Popularity of person, product or service is necessary for sale it and has permanent clients.</p> <p> Perhaps nowadays 1 of the best instrument of advertisement is internet. By the way probably in future will more develop and even more substitute other broadcasting and other mass medias podcasting that`s broadcasting throw internet.           </p> <p> The audition and coverage of internet customers is maximal (worldwide). 1 of the most important advantages of internet its cheap cost (almost anyone can use it), easiness (it can be used even by schoolboy and elder) and constancy (tv, radio broadcasting and press publication have time of existing). Internet broadcasting is available 24 hours and worldwide which is ease for customers with different time zone and hard to reach areas as islands.</p> <p> Radio earned 50 000 000 users for 38 years, TV for 13 years, internet for 4 years, Ipod (not way but instrument of broadcasting) for years. Hereby discussions about competiveness of this ways of broadcasting are not consistent.  </p> <p> For good advertisement some of show business representatives shock the mankind wearing clothes with meat or making modifications as zombieboy (<a href=""></a>).</p> <p>   People like mr. Genest for show, self-expression and for fun changes not only his appearance but his life, future and humanity. When i`ve watched mr. Genest in RF show he was intimidated and ready to fight with everyone reasonless. By the way in 1 of interview ( Rick Genest questions reaching old ages. It`s very interesting how man doesn`t tries to save himself and to be happy but destroy his life.</p> <p>           Some peole sells their humanity or for good storing in mind`s of public losing human characters and  forgetting that always will be difference between good fame and fame of mobster.  </p> <p>         Thanks, to God that He gifted the intellect and human feelings that i`ll not sell for any money as others. It should be limits in arts and making money. In the end many of unprincipled men pays for his sins and mistakes drinking and ending his life.</p> <p> It needs something to do with modern show business. For modern time something which was good becomes bad and bad as normal. I didn`t know the normal people who doesn`t want not only to be happy but live. The worst american show business strongly reflects to other world infecting it as viruses.</p> <p> If it would be good influence it`s good but if like movies which demonstrates abnormal not friend or family love of men to each others as in film “brokeback mountain” or screen version of life of suicides like Virginia Wolf it can destructive and destroys the societies.            </p> <p>             I think almost any people watched though 1 film. So after watching spiderman children among them was i wanted to save world. Western Civilization without war changes not only the worldview of people but their nature. In Eastern Countries with narrow eyes people enlarges it losing their identity and nationality. That`s not only political, economical, scientific and other integration (globalization) but national (<a href=""></a> <a href=""></a>).</p> <p>             So show business is powerful force. </p> <p>             Recently i`ve got good proposal for contract with my favorite FRG with payment for photo session which is enough to buy a studio apartment. Because of low prices in Uzbekistan i can participate in shooting after 25 years))). To be honest i like this contract because it’s from country from FRG but because of bureaucratic procedures we`ve some problems with FRG Advertisement Council. Sometime bureaucratic procedures become a big problem for potential masterpieces.      </p>

Posted at: 07/23/2014 02:28

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