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<p> As an actor it's probably a good idea to have a firm grasp of cinematography. Basically, the audience will be viewing you and your performance through the camera, you need to know how it works so that you can work for it. </p> <p> Without annoying the DP and cameraperson, try and observe at least what lens they're about to use on you...</p> <p> To get you started, here is a link to a tutorial, which is free to watch, about Cinematic shooting principles using a long lens. </p> <p></p> <p> This tutorial features footage from a feature film, but also... it features myself! :)</p> <p> Learn and enjoy. </p> <p> Peace, </p> <p> MK</p>

Posted at: 01/17/2014 18:06

Tags: Film cinematography tutorials photography long lens cameraperson acting audience