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<p> I believe that when it comes to re-inventing an iconic character in a role, you should always FIRST look with a new face! The same way you would bring a new vision to the story the same treatment should be done throughout the entire production process. </p> <p> I'm <strong>Looking for Actors & Actresses </strong>who want to be <strong>Supehero </strong>or<strong> Supervililan </strong>and reprise the role of someone within the recration of the DC universe. </p> <p> Casting is one of the most developmental points of the beginning production process since new ideas and approaches are always being made, be it from the writer to the director or the director to the actor. </p> <p> <strong>I'm heading to OHIO COMIC CON in September and hope to promote what I'm working on at the convention! </strong></p> <p> Leave a message if you are interested in becoming a part of this project<strong> </strong></p>

Posted at: 08/23/2013 10:58

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<p> Wow, I've been on here (lazily) for like two years and didn't know I could have a blog! Well, I guess I'm starting one! I'm new to the business but have been researching it for years and finally feel like I know enough to get started. </p> <p> Before making this decision, I spent my time working hard and graduated high school early, and then promptly moved to Reno, NV to start college at UNR for a BS in neuroscience. I also have two published novels, Teenagers and Jailbirds, and the third is due out this summer. My goal is to combine all three of my loves (the brain, acting, and writing) into a career. I chose neuroscience over an acting degree because not only do I love studying the brain, but I feel it is a better choice in case I choose to become something else. And, since neuroscience and psychology are such similar degrees, I will get a superior understanding of human emotion and reaction and thus be able to break down and become characters better because I will understand them deeply.</p> <p> If you'd like to learn more about me and my other achievments, visit my website:</p>

Posted at: 03/14/2012 10:49

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