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Himachal has everything magnetise to attract tourist and tourists, the unusual British architecture, Museums, Monasteries, Royal Palaces, Heritage Railway, Enchanting Lakes, Glaciers, Snow Peaks, Flower filled paddocks, Icy Rivers and much more which is simply unexplainable. It's frankly a tripper's paradise. Besides, Himachal is the best destination for spiritual tourist too. The awe- inspiring nature makes it just the ideal place for attaining spiritualism peak. To find out more or to begin planning your tailor-made vacation to India please contacts us:

Posted at: 06/13/2018 02:05

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I live a very adventure filled life, anything involving an adrenaline rush is just what i love. Ever since i was young i have been outgoing, adventurous, athletic, and coordinated. I have always been a very fast learner and am willing to try just about anything and most likely become good at, i love sports including team sports and extreme sports. Growing up i was always getting injured from doing crazy things that sometimes probably were not the smartest things to do, but it has made me the person i am today. I played baseball from when i was about 6 to my freshman year of high school but then i moved on to hip hop dancing and mixed martial arts, but i was mainly a boxer. I am currently working towards getting my skydive and scuba diving certifications. I plan to travel the world and get paid while i do it because there is an entire beautiful planet out there that we just happen to be able to live on and i will not die knowing i only saw one small part.

Posted at: 03/30/2017 19:03

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After 21 days of filming in the beautiful Dunkirk, NY on the shoreline of Lake Erie, the feature film Lighthouse Unmanned goes into post production. It's been a pleasure getting to know and collaborate with such a talented, motivated, and generous cast and crew. As things slow down ever so slightly in leu of the Holiday Seasons, I'm finding myself both thankful for the opportunities that have allowed me to travel these past four months and the experiences they've provided to both re-connect with old friends, connect with new ones, and to work in the craft I am fortunate enough to call my profession. I'll be continuing on my re-writes for the feature I'm writing (set to begin filming in Summer/Fall of 2017), but in the meantime, I'm already on the hunt for the next collaboration that gives me cause to travel and opportunity to grow as an actor. IMDb - Fb - @ACTORCSM Insta - @ACTORCSM Vimeo - Clayton Stocker Myers (Actor)

Posted at: 11/05/2016 11:35

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