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So I watched "You´ve got mail" yesterday and I so wish I could write those kind of letters to someone. Letters about everyday nonsense. Well, I thought that why not write here. Dear Friend, Here I am writing a letter, in a rainy day grayness, to you. Even though I do not have any idea who the you are. Or is. Because this letter is going to end up in the cosmic emptiness, someone might read this or then nobody does. Somehow it is very scary to think that even if I would like to delete this letter someday, it is going to stay into the depths of cyberspace forever. It may be that I write this letter to the old lady next door who longs for company but no one ever comes. Or maybe to the teenage mother who dropped out of high school and whose friends were too dumb to stay by her side. Or maybe to the jock boy who bullies everyone beneath him just because he does not feel that good inside. Well, whoever you are. One of those or someone between this letter is to you. I found out that school life begins in three weeks and I feel like summer did not even get started. Maybe because it is constantly raining or about to rain. I usually spend my summer holidays in a lake, I am a water animal when it comes to swimming. But this summer I just got rid of my winter fur and that´s it. It is so freezing. I would not want to get back to the constant going that school is. You wake up early, go to study and when you get back home you realize it is almost bedtime. Where is the time to express yourself? Writing future bestseller, let the nature calm you, have fun and be free? The song "time goes by so slowly" turns into "time goes by too quickly". It is not just about school life but life in general nowadays. You are trying to become someone/something in a rush even though you did not even have time to think about who you would like to become. It is like the society would like to have everything ready even if itself is not completed yet. Society dictates you obey. Or am I the only one who thinks this way? What do you think? Is there anybody else that would like to shout to the world "slow it down once in a while damned!" Remember my friend. Check your mailbox cause it may be that you hear the three little words. (not I love you) "You´ve got mail".

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<p> You would be forgiven for thinking that I'm a narcissist. A couple of years ago I thought I might have Histrionic Personality Disorder. Apparently this is a common diagnosis among actresses and an even more common misdiagnosis. Anyway, I don't have HPD but if I did, I probably wouldn't be that diffferent to how I am now. </p> <p> I opened a discussion with some creative artistic people at a Perth Actors Collective post-workshop networking drink about my theory (that was stolen from many greater thinkers) that each creative profession, indeed each profession, has a pet psychological disorder. </p> <p> I was speaking to a practicing lawyer-come-actor when I asked her what the lawyer's neurosis was. There was stunned silence until I explained my theory. Happily the mentor/tutor knew what I was referring to and backed up my argument. Apparently lawyers suffer from narcissisim too, and anxiety. </p> <p> So the discussion continued and we concluded that, probably, actors were predisposed to narcissism, writers to melancholy and depression, directors to narcissim, anxiety and melancholy. So directors relate best to depressed lawyers. </p> <p> This is a broad generalisation. An exercise in prejudice. And I only engage with it for fun because really, I feel indignant at the way that actresses in particular are perceived as hysterical, precious poppets. In a recent farce that my partner was cast in, the male characters kept referring to actresses in a pejorative sense, "You know actresses... you know what they're like..." It's fine for comedy, but not in real life, and unfortunately too many industry members have the impression that this cliche is based on reality. Maybe in Hollywood, though I doubt that, too. I'm an actress, and proud of it, but I am not hysterical or precious or particularly narcissistic. In fact, I'd say most actors that I'm familiar with (and I use actors to encompass all sexes and genders) actually struggle with low self-esteem, self-doubt, depression, anxiety, rage and boredom, without ever becoming narcissistic or hysterical or precious. The way that performers are treated like somehow because they express themselves creatively through their bodies that they are shallow and don't experience genuine or valid emotional lives is the farce. The way that we are often rejected and marginalised because of our creative choices is the disorder. But it's a social disorder, not a neurological disorder. The fact that Mr. Paxman thinks that pointing out that Russel Brand is an actor and comedian will discredit and disqualify him from being a political commentator is sadly symptomatic of our society's attidude. </p> <p> We don't like celebrity activists because we feel like they're taking advantage of their position in the media to preach. Or, even worse, they've only adopted a cause to raise their profile further or make themselves look good.</p> <p> But who gives a crap? If a lawyer feels passionately about something and uses their resources to contribute to the cause no one bats an eyelid. They'd get negative feedback if they DIDN'T abuse their postition for a good cause. If a teacher does it, same story. Accountant, same story... so why are actors expected to shut up unless they've been handed a script? </p> <p> As actors we get a lot of flack for being 'divas' even though all the actors I know are compassionate, warm, self-deprecating and professional individuals. I don't think we are narcissists. We use our egos as shields because we exist in a paradigm that demands that we're constantly begging to be picked by other more powerful individuals. We depend on others approving of us to get work, most human beings don't have this situation to the same extent as actors. So if we come across as full of ourselves, we're just trying to fool the panel behind the audition desk. </p> <p> For an insight into the mind of a professional Australian actor of film, TV and theatre catch this Catching Sight interview with Geoff Miethe. </p> <p></p>

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<p> It's cold in Perth. There's just no denying that despite the sun shining, the air is nippy and all anyone wants to do is hibernate. It's October in Perth and we're all still freezing our butts off!</p> <p> While I can't heat the house with the power of positive thinking, I can heat up my career. I am so much a home-body, I love socialising, dancing, going to cafes for afternoon tea and having friends stay over for hours just chatting but nothing beats just cuddling myself into my cushions like a little kitten and having a wee nap. But that's all about to change. You see, despite having quite a busy schedule on the acting front, and starting to make a bit of money out of it, I am not making a big enough impact in the Perth community to sustain my career in the long term. </p> <p> My plan is to go out there and bust my ass networking and theatricising and filmicking! Those may or may not be real words but my plan is real. I've signed up to be an usher. Unpaid but I get to see shows for free. I have joined mailing lists for the major improv group here to make sure I'm aware of their next audition round. I am watching out for the Screenwest networking events, the photography fundraisers, the fashion events, the PFN events and anything else that brings together movers and shakers to hob nob and compare the colour of their underwear! </p> <p> But the most important change I made has been to my attitude. And that started a little while ago. I started to see myself as a professional actor. I had only had one professional paid acting job. I faked it till I maked it, baby! It followed that I had more paid acting work and more and more until I actually don't need to work in childcare to subside my wage. I just started to view myself as a professional actor and that was the main effort involved in permitting everyone else to do so. </p> <p> Now, I might have had all the ambition but none of the motivation in the past but that's the next attitude change I've made. It's amazing what you can do when you just commit to a goal and say, "no matter what."</p> <p> I can make my career burst with awesomeness even in sleepy old industry-free Perth. What can you do when you make up your mind to do it? </p> <p> Peace, </p> <p> MK</p>

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<p> <a href="">Read Our Most Recent Interview!</a></p> <p> In 2012 my partner and I started a blog about creativity and how sometimes it can cause an artist to suffer. You know the times, you didn't get that audition, or you're beating yourself up for not learning those lines properly or on time, or neither. Or that time the director told you how to perform but you just felt so uninspired and you didn't know what the director could possibly mean! And we all know the times after we've finished a gig and we sit back and think, "Right, that's the end of that, then. As soon as anyone sees that work of mine, I'll never get hired again!"</p> <p> Well, all artists hit that wall. Legend, Pen Densham, wrote a book called Riding the Alligator. You should buy it, it's inspired. As he described, it's the kind of book he would have wanted to read when he was starting out. So trust me when I say it's a book you'll want to read! Anyway, the point is that Pen hit a bajillion walls but what made him a successful writer, director and filmmaker is that he didn't give up! He was rejected probably more times than you and me combined, but he kept on going. </p> <p> And that's the message that the artists that have contributed to our blog want to get across. </p> <p> To be honest, the blog itself started as a forum to promote the film we were trying to get funding for: Catching Sight. The story of a little girl who catches a disease that gives her great talent but also makes her miserable. </p> <p> The film didn't get made... at the time. However, there's some discussion about it being resurrected as a more personal and refined project. Remember what I said about not giving up. </p> <p> So, visit my <a href="">blog</a> and read the interviews with the amazing men and women that have contributed so far. You can contribute if you want. Just send me your email and I'll send you a new interview and let you know what else you might need for your spot in our blog!</p> <p> Whether you're an actor, dancer, filmmaker, writer, director, artist, graphic designer or photographer, there is a side of this discussion that will interest you. If there's not, let me know and we'll interview YOU!</p> <p> Peace. </p> <p> Molly </p>

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<p> Is it like an open diary? Thoughts that you wouldn't mind people reading and having an opinion on? Facebook sounds like one, but people seem to get mad when they're criticized about what they post...</p> <p> I'll post a real one shortly I guess. Seeing as my "Bio" is generally long-winded (and I can't make appropriate spacing on there!!!!) I may just borrow from that as well. I'll take a look at some of the blogs you guys post as reference. Give me feedback on...everything! </p>

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<p> You guys should view my actual blog <a href=""></a> . These are my notes and thoughts about Acting school and the MFA Im completing in Film School.. You might not approve of what I say, but I dont care :) </p> <p> enjoy!</p> <p> make sure you view my website too </p>

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